In a series of posts on his Instagram page today [6/6/2019], incarcerated Team 600 rapper RondoNumbaNine told his fans “don’t bash” Tay600 after previously accusing him of snitching and being one of the reasons he’s behind bars. Tay was not willing to accept the part-apology, and made it clear the damage is done and that the former friends will never be able to resolve their issues.

Rondo attempted to show a positive change of attitude via 3 instagram posts, including a first directed at Tay. In the post he told his fans to lay off Tay but still insisted he snitched on him, saying it “disappointed” him but “at least u tried make yours right”, going on to say “I can’t let negativity take me away from my focus”.

Tay himself was not happy with Rondo’s post, citing the fact the post still referred to him snitching as a fact despite the apologetic overtones. He also replied that Rondo is the one being bashed currently over the recent claims he made about Tay, going on to speak his mind about Rondo’s attempt at starting to repair their friendship: “On Dthang U Coulda Kept This Stupid Ass Post” & “On L’a Suck My Dick Boa Go Play Wit Somebody Else I Neva Needed Yo Approval Or Stamp Behind Shit I Say N**** I Was A Gangsta Long B4 U🤝”

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