After his lengthy argument with former affiliate Tay600 a couple of days ago, Chicago’s Dotarachi (aka S.Dot) yesterday posted an audio clip of himself talking to Clint ‘RondoNumbaNine’ Massey and Courtney ‘CDai’ Ealy via phone from the prison where they are currently being held.

Although the clip is fairly low in quality, you can hear that Rondo and Cdai (if the clip is new) are firmly by Dotarachi’s side despite any differences Dot may be currently having with Tay or Team 600. Cdai can also be heard at one point quoting S.Dot’s remix to Kodak Black’s ‘Skrilla’, and Rondo mentions the ‘’ website which allows people on the outside to make e-mail contact with prisoners.

Hear the clips for yourself above. Don’t forget to join the conversation below if you have anything to say.

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