Atlanta’s SahBabii took offense to a recent post Migos’s Offset made about rappers wearing upside down crosses, and posted a number of times about him on social media.

Offset made the original post criticising rappers (even his ‘lil partners’) wearing upside-down crosses as a symbol of worshipping the devil, possibly referring to Lil Uzi Vert being filmed on stage performing the other day while rocking an upside-down cross necklace.

SahBabii took offence to the post due to the fact he has an upside-down cross tattooed on his forehead. He posted twice to his Instagram page about Offset and even said “F*ck Migos” (although he has since deleted the posts). The ‘Pull Up Wit Ah Stick’ rapper also posted a video criticsing Offset. See all the relevant posts above.

Do you think Offset was right to criticise rappers wearing upside-down crosses? And do you think Offset was actually talking about SahBabii?

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