Upcoming Florida rapper Ski Mask The Slump God got into a dispute with a San Diego rapper named Rob Stone & his clique on stage at a show in San Diego a couple of days ago, and XXXTentacion came to his friend’s aid the next day via Twitter.

It was initially unclear what happened when Ski Mask attempted to join Rob Stone on stage and was escorted back off again, but footage later emerged of Ski Mask getting into a physical altercation with Rob Stone and various members of his entourage. According to Ski Mask he was at the venue with just 3 of his associates when he was set upon by the rapper and 30 of his affiliates in their home town. Part of the altercation was caught on video by fans recording the performance.

XXXTentacion dissed the local San Diego rapper via Twitter in 2 posts which he has since deleted, and Rob Stone and his affiliates have responded a number of times.

A dispute of this kind between 2 artists is not very unusual, but the fact that Ski Mask and Stone are currently supporting acts on tour with Desiigner complicates the issue massively. After the scrap fans informed us that Ski Mask did not perform at the tour’s next venue in Vancouver, and the issue is still yet to be resolved despite Ski Mask claiming he organisers were planning on dropping Rob Stone.

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