New Jersey rapper Skinnyfromthe9 was confronted today (02/10/2019) by Florida rapper Zoey Dollaz & his friends at Paramount Recording Studios in Los Angeles, CA. He made a quick exit then attempted to later justify his actions on Instagram.

The pair bumped heads at a recording session booked by producer Ronny J. Zoey Dollaz repeatedly claimed on Live that the incident was not a set-up and had nothing to do with Ronny, who he claimed did not know anything about the pair having problems.

Zoey went live on Instagram and spoke about the incident, claiming Skinny ran from him and his friends as soon as he left the building and saying he “only wanted to talk” to Skinny.

Skinny also went live soon after in an attempt to justify his actions. In the background of the video you can clearly hear somebody coaching Skinny on exactly what points to bring up and what to say, bringing the honesty of his story into question.

Instagram: @zoeydollaz @skinnyfromthe9

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