Snap Dogg calls out his former affiliate Lil Durk to Fight After the pair got into it after they failed to see eye-to-eye over Durk’s decision to appear on 6IX9INE’s recent Instagram Live video.

Durk has since reversed his stance on 6IX9INE due to his trolling comments mocking Chicago slang and even name dropping certain blocks, but his appearing on the IG live video was enough to make Snap post a video to his Instagram calling him out for “jumping in other n****s beef”.

The pair reportedly had a conversation behind the scenes which did not resolve the issue, causing Durk and Snap to go live later off their own accounts. Snap felt Durk’s comments about sneak dissing were aimed subliminally at him and chose to call the OTF rapper out to fight it out in the boxing ring.

In the same live video he claimed he was never officially signed to OTF & claimed Durk didnt “put him on”.

Instagram: @snapdogg @durkioworld

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