After Rico came to Detroit after Snap Dogg ‘banned’ him and suggested it wouldn’t be a good move for him, the two continued their argument which started over a proposed boxing match between the two.

When Rico came to Detroit it seems the beef escalated to a much more serious level, with Rico even posting up Direct Messages between the pair which suggest he was shot at at some point. Rico posted a number of videos to his Instagram page on the day he spent in Detroit, even announcing his location in one of them. Snap Dogg posted a video soon after with an unknown number of affiliates standing under the exact road sign Rico was under when he posted his first video, but it appears the pair did not actually meet.

When Rico posted some videos from the night before on his Instagram page the next day, Snap felt as if he was trying to portray he was still there when he left the same night, and the new OTF signee quickly began posting videos asking him to ‘go live’ and prove if he was still in Detroit since he believed he ‘ran from [him]’ last night. Snap also posted an image to his Instagram with the caption (which he since deleted):

_snapdogg_: “Real street niggas don’t hide or run from shit no matter what we the city that run niggas out this bitch [EMOJIS] last time I check niggas running from snap [EMOJIS] can’t catch forst”

See all the posts from so far above. Are you disappointed that the boxing match between the pair looks all but called off now the beef between them has got more serious?

Watch Round 1/2 Here:
Watch Round 2/2 Here:

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