Rapper Soulja Boy came to Trill Sammy’s rescue today by attempting to aid the return of the ‘Just Watch’ rapper’s chain which was popped and stolen when he was performing on stage in Greensboro, NC last week.

A rapper named Lito Bandz took credit for the original robbery, but it seems the chain has since changed hands and landed up being with a different individual who is willing to return it to Trill Sammy or Soulja Boy.

Soulja Boy posted a number of times on his Twitter page about the chain, attempting to get in contact with one of the people posting pictures with it on other social networking sites. Blog site SayCheeseTV posted an image of Soulja Boy on FaceTime with someone holding the chain, hinting that Soulja has succeeded in negotiating the safe return of the chain to him or Trill Sammy.

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