In yet another series of deleted posts yesterday after attending a show in Dubai, SODMG head Soulja Boy dissed Chicago’s Rico Recklezz on Twitter.

He tweeted about Rico and DJ Akademiks a few times while still in Dubai, then continued when he was allegedly back in LA a couple of hours later (although his location settings were switched off after the initial tweets in Dubai).

Soulja Boy gave an interview to TMZ at an airport yesterday in which he claimed not to be beefing with Rico Recklezz and said he was focused on money, but these posts came just a short while after the release of that interview.

TMZ also asked Soulja about a set of previously deleted posts from a few weeks ago alleging he had $100,000 on Rico Recklezz’ head, which you can see here:

See all the posts aimed at eachother so far above, and join the conversation below.

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