Tay600 once again decided to take shots at his former affiliate Edai on Twitter yesterday, claiming he stole Forestville, Maryland rapper Goonew’s flow on his new song and suggesting he doesn’t make a ‘Six Double 0’ part 3.

The first comment came from Tay, reposting an audio clip of Edai’s upcoming single ‘War With Us’ & claiming he’s biting Goonew’s flow & rap style. Fans also agreed with Tay, and Goonew himself reposted the Tweet with the caption: “Lol S*** Gettin Brazy [Hand over face emoji]’.

The second comment came from Tay suggesting Edai does not follow up on a promise to make a 3rd part to 600’s ‘Six Double 0’, saying it “won’t hit as hard as 1 especially 2 [Hand over face emoji”. Edai didn’t respond to Tay directly, but told a fan saying the same thing he “sound[s] stupid”.

Twitter: @TaySixO @Edai66

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