Chicago rapper Tay600 has been arrested for not co-operating with prosecutor’s requests in RondoNumbaNine & Cdai’s ongoing murder trial. denotes that he was arrested on the 6th of March for ‘Indirect Criminal Contempt’ (Charge Code: 720 ILCS 5/1-3 INDIRECT CRIMINAL CONTEMPT ) “Indirect contempt of court” is the violation of a court order. This may be either civil, or criminal. A charge of “Criminal Indirect Contempt of Court” is a criminal charge, therefore it can be assumed criminal charges are being brought against Tay600 for his lack of cooperation.

A Chicago Tribune article about Rondo (real name Clint Massey), and Cdai (real name Courtney Ealy)’s ongoing murder trial details that “One alleged eyewitness, also a rapper, allegedly tore up a subpoena when investigators finally found him before fleeing to Atlanta days later”. Although Tay600 was not named in this article he is a known rapper and posted Instagram pictures in Atlanta on the days before his arrest.

Rondo and Cdai’s trial has been slow moving due to problems with witness cooperation, the Tribune cites a female Chicago native who is an alleged witness in the case who has repeatedly avoided contact from the police over “two dozen times”. Prosecutors have allegedly struggled for months to ensure witnesses turn up to the murder trial.

**UPDATE** In a clearer version of Tay600’s mugshot which has just emerged, it can clearly be seen that one or a few of his dreadlocks at the front are missing. This has led people to believe either they were ripped out during his arrest or possibly even during interrogation. **UPDATE**

Read the full Chicago Tribune article on RondoNumbaNine & Cdai’s murder trial here:
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