Chicago rapper Tay600 spoke once again on his ongoing issues with Team 600 in a new interview with the AllForTheCulture Show YouTube Channel, claiming that former affiliate 600Breezy told his sister at one point that the entire rumour of Tay cooperating with the police was “made up”.

In this new interview segment, Tay600 claims that 600Breezy suggested to him on a previous unknown occasion that the rumours of him somehow “snitching” on Clint ‘RondoNumbaNine’ Massey and Courtney ‘Cdai’ Ealy and helping to get them convicted of the 2014 murder of Javan Boyd could have been completely fabricated.

Although Tay didn’t give any specific details of when he was told this, he claimed that 600Breezy told his sister (while he was still in jail and during an argument with Edai) that the rumour was completely “made up”. He later corrected himself, saying this was what 600Breezy “thinks” happened (“he say he think[s] they went in a room and set it up”). In the interview Tay detailed how upon his release he had no issue with 600Breezy and Breezy had continued to talk to his sister, but relations between the pair deteriorated after the rumour continued to spread and 600Breezy spoke about Tay in a number of different interviews (including ones with DJVlad and ThisIs50).

It’s unclear what exactly changed during this period (assuming what Tay said is true) to change 600Breezy’s mind, as he clearly chose to stick with Team 600 over Tay when the situation progressed. The truth of the entire situation is yet to be fully made public, with fake statements and other factors contributing to confusion and disagreement over the truth by fans and artists alike. Tay remains confident that the truth will one day come out and this disagreement will be put to an end once and for all.

Watch this section of Tay600’s interview with AllForTheCulture Show in full here:

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