Tay600 Dissed former affiliate Edai and Team 600 once again today [6.16.2017] and a couple of days back over comments he made about Tay in a new VladTV Interview.

In the interview section, titled ‘Edai and Vlad Debate if Tay600 Snitched on Cdai & RondoNumbaNine’, Edai speaks on a number of controversial issues surrounding Tay and his relationship with Team 600 before their fallout. Tay took offence to Edai’s choice of phrasing in the interview and offered his corrections to Edai’s story on Twitter the next day.

Later Tay also said that he was charged with ‘Indirect Criminal Contempt’ “days before” Clint ‘RondoNumbaNine’ Massey and Courtney ‘Cdai’ Ealy’s murder trials.

Edai did not respond to Tay directly, but joked with fans and supporters about the situation. See all of the posts for yourself above, and join the conversation below if you have something to say.

*Note: Tay600’s video at start of this video was posted after the Tweets that follow.

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