Chicago artist Tay600 once again was baited into calling out one of his former Team 600 affiliates yesterday [11/16/2018], after Jusblow posted about him on his Instagram story,

Unfortunately we missed Jusblow’s post as he deleted it soon after it was uploaded, but Tay600’s responses to the post were posted to Twitter and Instagram.

In the responses Tay accused Jusblow of being known for being sent to the store when they were younger, and even hinted that his sister has a bad reputation in their area. In a post on his Instagram story he referenced L’A’s infamous Twitter header, which contains a photo of various members of Team600 with Jusblow cropped out. Tay claimed there were reasons behind this, and said “U Didnt Belong Wit Us ,& L’a Knew That Way B4 He Died”

Do you think Tay is right to fire back and defend himself when somebody disses him online? Or do you think the issues between the former 600 members should be kept private from now on?

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