Chicago rapper Tay600’s response to Lil Durk and his former affiliate Booka600 dissing him on their newly released track ‘We Ball (Remix)’.

In the remix to Meek Mill’s original track, Durk and Booka diss a number of dead gang rivals and make various accusations about Tay, including repeating that they believe Tay co-operated with the police in some way which led to RondoNumbaNine and Cdai’s incarceration for 38/39 years for murder. The cover art for the track even makes use of what the pair claim is real paperwork from Rondo/Cdai’s case which mentions Tay by his legal name, although many have suspected this to be another fake due to apparent grammatical errors.

When Tay responded he claimed to have slept with Lil Durk’s baby’s mother back in 2013, and claimed this is one of the reasons Durk has such a problem with him. He also claimed Durk was only working with and promoting Booka because Booka doesn’t like him, rather than believing in his musical potential.

See all the posts from so far for yourself above. What do you think of the paperwork posted by Durk on Twitter? (@3:51)

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