Chicago rapper Tay600 claimed today that official documents from Clint ‘RondoNumbaNine’ Massey and Courtney ‘Cdai’ Ealy’s trial (referred to as “paperwork”) are now available online, and HE uSAYS they prove he did not snitch on his former affiliates as some members of Team 600 have claimed.

Tay was contacted by a supporter who allegedly found details relating to the case online through the website, but had not paid the 10 cent fee per page to view the documents in full. Tay600 later announced the news of the man’s find in all of the above posts. The same man also made contact with a court reporter for the Chicago Tribune who said an e-mail, when asked about Tay600:

“I was at the trial every day. Yes, I would have named “Tay600″, aka Germontay Carpenter, in the article had a statement of his been in the trial documents. From looking back in my notes he did not appear at the trial, so…”

As of yet nobody has paid the fees to view the documents in question, so it can’t be confirmed whether or not they contain information that would prove either way. Some feel the statement from the court reporter disproves some of Team 600’s original story about Tay600 snitching though, as more than one person alleged that they actually heard Tay600’s statement read out loud in court. Who do you believe?

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