Chicago’s Tay600 speaks once again on his former Team 600 affiliates accusing him of snitching on Clint ‘RondoNumbaNine’ Massey and Courtney ‘Cdai’ Ealy.

Over the past few days as more information emerges about Tay600’s involvement with Rondo & Cdai’s murder case, he has had a lot to say on Twitter. Him and 600Breezy both recorded interviews for DJ Vlad of VladTV which released days apart from each other, and in the interviews they both claim a different sequence of events happened. Breezy insisted Tay made a statement in the interrogation room but then refused to take the stand afterwards, but Tay insisted he never made a statement at all, and if he did he would have had to been cross examined by the defence lawyers in court.

DJ Vlad backed up Tay’s side in a live broadcast from his page a few days ago, claiming he had spoken to more than one lawyer and they told him that nobody can be a ‘secret witness’ for the prosecution as 600Breezy and the rest of Team 600 have claimed, they would have to be cross-examined and listed as a witness for the prosecution (which Tay600 was allegedly not).

Tay spoke on the incident a number of times on Twitter, answering fans questions and letting his feelings on the subject be public. See all the posts from so far above.

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