Former affiliates Tay600 and Booka600 dissed eachother on Twitter again yesterday over Booka calling Tay600 a snitch on his new mixtape.

The pair attacked each other in a series of since deleted posts, started by Tay posting:

@TaySixO: “Damn Booka If U Was Gone Sneak Diss Me Ina Ina Song U Coulda Atleast Chose to do So In 1 Of yo good Songs Like Durk do …Cus Da Intro Was (Thumbs Down Emoji)”

Booka replied and Tay carried on insulting him, calling him a ‘groupie’ among other things and insisting that he ‘Neva [Never] told’ on Clint ‘RondoNumbaNine’ Massey and Courtney ‘Cdai’ Ealy as most of Team 600 have accused him of doing. See all the posts including the deleted ones above.

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