Chicago’s Tay600 and his former 600 affiliate Edai (aka Koopa) once again dissed each other and began arguing publicly on Twitter yesterday (6.31.2017).

Tay replied to Edai’s tweet about his new mixtape ‘Birth Of Koopa’ and said he will be dropping his forthcoming mixtape ‘L.A.N.G’ on the same day in an attempt to overshadow his release. Edai replied that there was “no competition” between the two of them and claimed Tay had never been on the radio, to which Tay replied saying this claim was false and Edai only recieved radio play when he featured Chief Keef on the song “Gucci”.

After this brief argument they posted about their dispute a number of times on their own feeds, with Tay claiming he is always arguing with Team 600 due to their attempts to call him a “snitch” and discredit him making “[His] Life Hell” for a “long time”.

See all the posts from yesterday for yourself above. Do you think Tay is right to do whatever he can to block Team 600’s success after their fall out or do you think he should move forward and leave their problems in the past?

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