After RondoNumbaNine and Tay Capone (Tay600)’s latest dispute on Instagram over paperwork posted by Rondo, the dispute continued on into the next day.

Rondo himself is yet to respond to Tay’s last comments, but his cousin took it upon himself to go live on Rondo’s account and attempt to disprove some comments made by Tay. Tay’s old issues with Edai were also brought back up by fans on Twitter, which led to the pair posting a number of tweets about each other.

Rondo’s cousin showed the paperwork in question relating to Rondo & Cdai’s murder case, saying the documents were 100% legitimate and that Tay did in fact co-operate with the police. He also claimed it took so long to show the official paperwork due to Rondo wanting Tay to “fix” the issues behind the scenes, which has not happened.

In Tay’s response he disputed that if he had given that amount of incriminating information about his location during the murder, then he would have been charged with Cdai and Rondo. He also said during his recent conversations that Rondo denied ever spreading the rumour that Tay snitched, before attempting to expose more issues from their childhood days together.

Edai stated on Twitter that Cdai is fine and has a “great support system” in reply to Tay’s previous comments, and explained that the reason for his unkempt appearance was that he’s been in solitary confinement for 6 months due to testing positive for marijuana. He Also called Tay’s claims about Rondo snitching a lie, before Tay posted about him a couple more times in response.

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