Chicago’s TaySav (Young Pappy’s brother & PBG member) yesterday dissed Memo600 & Leonard ‘L’A Capone’ Anderson (RIP) over alleged comments about his brother Shaquon ‘Young Pappy’ Thomas.

TaySav admitted in a post that he mixed up 600’s MooMoo (Boss Moo) & Memo600, and said it was Boss Moo who made the comments not Memo600. Despite this however he still said “f**k both of y’all”. PBG Kemo also made it clear he’s riding with TaySav no matter the outcome.

Memo deleted most of his posts about TaySav but we caught a couple while they were still up. TaySav later took back his comment about L’A Capone and said he was “nice with the lyrics” but refused to back down due to Memo’s comments.

Twitter: @realtaysav @stevedrivememo
Instagram: @realtaysav @memofrm600

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