Chicago rapper TYMB MoneyMan has openly said that YouTube blogger Loksiii was never a part of the TYMB set which he claimed in countless old videos.

YouTube blogger Loskiii Beingreal attained most of his followers by claiming to be a part of a Chicago Black Disciple gang known as TYMB with links to famous rappers like Chief Keef. After fooling fans for a number of years he decided to turn around and admit he was a part of the complete opposite gang, claiming 078 Kutthroat KillaWard GD.

He was caught out a number of times by fans for ‘false flagging’ (See Full Video Here: and lost many fans when he denied ever claiming TYMB despite numerous usernames of his on social networking sites containing ‘TYMB’ or ‘065’.

TYMB MoneyMan is the first person from within TYMB to expose that Loskiii was officially never a part of TYMB, suggesting Loskiii was lying when he claimed the gang in a number of his original YouTube Vlogs. A number of YouTube comments can still be found on YouTube from Lokskiii’s account where he is clearly disrespecting dead Gangster Disciple affiliated rappers like Lil Jojo and mentioning TYMB, such as the above one taken from FBG Duck’s ‘Im St Lawrence’ comments.

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