Upcoming Florida rapper XXXTentacion caused a stir on social media today when he was said to be free from prison and apparently spotted and photographed from behind at a GameStop in Broward Mall, FL. His management were quick to deny the rumour.

*EDIT: Since this video was posted XXXTentacion has admitted that he WAS in fact released. https://twitter.com/xxxtentacion/status/847217170199261188

The young rising cross-genre lyricist received large amounts of attention for his unusual style of rapping, mostly since his arrest on a number of varying charges just a few short months ago. He has since been nominated by his fans and XXL to have a chance in being named as the 10th artist on XXL’s Freshman List 2017, which voting began on a number of days ago.

As well as being pictured alongside an unknown female inside the GameStop establishment, X’s Twitter avatar was also changed to what looks like a more recent photo of him on some a government issued driving license. This image contains an “Issued” date to show when it was given to X, which reads ’03-29-2017′ (the day the alleged GameStop photos emerged).

In addition to this fans who play with the rapper on the PlayStation Online network have said that his online account (named ‘MAKEOUTHILL’) has been online and playing the new ‘Kingdom Hearts’ video game since the picture circulated earlier today.

A tweet from his account earlier in the day denied him being released at all, saying:

@xxxtentacion: “x is not out of jail, the rumors are not true.”

He since then admitted the post was a joke and broadcasted live on Periscope a number of times.

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