Florida’s XXXTentacion continued his strategic dissing of Drake yesterday by saying he would publicly be interested in getting with Drake’s mom.

In his first interview since his release on probation XXX spoke on Drake initially reaching out while he was in prison, then later stealing his flow and rhyme pattern from his single ‘Look At Me’.

Later that day (30-3-17) In another attempt to bait the OVO boss into a musical feud, XXXTentacion tweeted about Drake’s mother, saying:

@xxxtentacion: “drake mom kinda cute, she could get it”

He then posted a photograph of her to his Instagram page alongside the caption: xxxtentacion: “If you give me a chance.. baby I’ll be good to you… I know you like your pudding tapioca too… #reallove”

Early the next day X continued his digital onslaught by changing his Twitter display picture to a photo-shopped picture of a young Drake and his mother and father. XXXTentacion’s face is superimposed over Drake’s father in the photo, which many have taken to be a reference to Drake adopting X’s flow from ‘Look At Me’ on his track KMT featuring Giggs. Although the picture is more than likely the product of X’s more than healthy fan base not his own brain, X’s decision to select it as his display picture speaks volumes and shows he agrees with the message behind the picture.

X is yet to speak on Drake or his elderly mother today (31-3-17) since changing his Twitter display picture, but it seems more than likely he will continue dissing Drake and continue to play the ‘bad guy’ role he promised to play in his new 103.5 The Beat interview. He has so far today quoted a fan who said he was dissing Drake for attention, and admitted this was true and said it was “working”.

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Check out the full interview with Florida’s 103.5 The Beat here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZkEdPAqOEM

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