In a series of posts which he quickly deleted from his Twitter account a couple of days ago, Florida’s XXXTentacion spoke on Kodak Black’s recent ‘Guilty’ verdict and what he calls “slaves” in 2017.

X spoke on the entire U.S. legal system as it stands and insisted change is needed, due to “racist stereotype decision making and hypocritical standpoints and views”. He also said that he doesn’t know how everyone working “in that system” or “around it can see innocent lives thrown into slavery everyday & sleep at night”

He also voiced his disbelief of Kodak Black being found guilty for violating his probation when all the charges stem from what appears to be a false claim of sexual harassment which was allegedly caught on camera.

See all the swiftly deleted posts above. Do you agree with X’s viewpoint that the system is formed against young people, with prosecutors and police working to convict them?

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