YBN Nahmir and his entourage got into a confrontation with locals in London today [10/7/18], and initial rumours suggested he was robbed for one of his chains, after videos circulated of English goons running away with what they claimed was Nahmir’s chain. The situation became clearer later on however, and it turns out the chain was allegedly taken from one of his friends during or just before the fight broke out, not Nahmir himself.

The part of the incident which was caught on camera shows Nahmir and his entourage scuffling with 2 locals, who were originally assumed to be the robbers. The incident occurred in North West London, and it’s unclear what caused the dispute.

Nahmir commented on numerous of our posts about the London incident when news first broke, denying it was true, despite footage from an unknown source showing a British male running away carrying an iced-out chain which he claimed belonged to Nahmir, saying “F*** YBN Nahmir…n***s get robbed”. Clarification came a few hours later when the robbers posted more videos of the chain mocking YBN, in which it was made clear the chain was allegedly taken from Nahmir’s friend, not Nahmir himself. It’s still not clear whether the chain was taken from around the unnamed YBN member’s neck, or if it fell during the melee.

Take a look at all the footage that’s leaked so far above. Rumour has it that there is a closer camera angle which shows the actual robbery occurring, but this clip is yet to appear online at time of writing.

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