King Yella recently called out Florida rapper SpotemGottem for saying he was “smokin’ Tooka” in an old video, & Spotem and 600Breezy both responded.

Yella reposted a clip of an early freestyle from before SpotemGottem blew up off his single ‘Beat Box’ calling him out for “clout chasing” & speaking on somebody he does not know. He went on to post about trying to stop the trend of speaking on people who are no longer here to defend themselves.

Spottem responded directly to Yella via his Instagram story, calling him “MR YELLOW”, saying “LOL LEAVE ME ALONE” & “I’M FROM FLORIDA [WHERE] TOOKA W***D YALL HOMIE A WORLDWIDE PACK IF ANYTHING…”. Yella then responded comparing SpotemGottem to a Gremlin & making fun of his size.

600Breezy commented under a blog post & posted to his IG story about Yella calling out Spotem, saying Yella never even met Tooka, the man who’s name he was defending.

This caused Yella to call out Breezy and challenge him to a boxing match when Yella is a free man.

Billionaire Black and FBG Young also commented on SpotemGottem mentioning their friend’s name, with Billy telling Spotem to “keep that same energy” & Young saying he doesn’t believe Spotem didn’t know it was a diss as being just 19 years old now he would have grown up listening to Chicago drill rappers.

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