Compton, CA’s YG has recently gone public with his dislike for buzzing New York artist 6IX9INE (Tekashi69).

He posted a video to his Instagram account yesterday (@YG), calling out the ‘Gummo’ rapper, and also posted twice on his Twitter account, saying “F**k 6IX9INE”.

6IX9INE responded in typical troll fashion, mimicking YG calling him out while swimming in a hotel swimming pool & commenting on YG’s Instagram post saying “lol he big mad”.

YG has been hinting at the release of a project containing what could be a 6IX9INE diss track for a while now, named ‘Stay Dangerous”. Casanova and Trippie Redd, who are known to have beef with Tekashi, commented on one of YG’s recent Instagram posts (@2:02), further fuelling the rumour of the approaching diss track.

Twitter: @YG
Instagram: @YG @6IX9INE_

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