600’s Young Famous & JusBlow yesterday spoke on Tay600 allegedly snitching and still claiming he is a part of the 600 group in a recent SayCheeseTV interview.

After remaining silent about Tay600 allegedly snitching for a while now, 600’s Young Famous has spoken up on Instagram, claiming the allegations are true and he is ‘NOT HIS “BROTHER’S KEEPER”‘. He went on to say Tay ‘can’t come to “MY BLOCK”‘ and that he won’t have Tay “falsifying” “behind cameras”.

A number of people commented underneath the post, including 600Breezy, DJ Bandz, JusBlow, OTF’s Chief Wuk and Edai. Young Famous & JusBlow went on to tweet about the same issue, with JusBlow tweeting:

@600JusBlow: “Ain’t No Snitches In 600 @TaySixO Stop Tryna Ride Da Wave Chose Another Route”

No concrete proof of Tay600’s cooperation with the police has emerged yet, but almost every member of 600 is alleging he was somehow involved in snitching on Clint ‘RondoNumbaNine’ Massey and Courtney ‘Cdai’ Ealy.

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