Brooklyn, NY rapper Young M.A mentioned smoking ‘Tooka’ in a new freestyle and has angered some Chicago rappers, inlcuding FBG Duck & Billionaire Black.

The female rapper rapped “I smoke hookah like it’s Tooka blowing jet clouds” on a recent freestyle on Philly’s Power 99 radio station. Chief Keef popularised the term as a phrase for weed, but it is actually the street name of a deceased gang member from Lil Jay & FBG Duck’s own gang, Shondale ‘Tooka’ Gregory.

Young M.A appears to have made the same mistake as some others who believe the phrase is simply a word for marijuana, not realising Chief Keef calls the name out to disrespect one of the gangs he had problems with when he was younger. Fetty Wap made this same mistake at some point last year but quickly apologised to King Yella when he was informed what the phrase truly meant (Watch here:

Audio Clip Taken from YOUNG MA exclusive FREESTYLE on PHILLY Power 99 with DJ Cosmic Kev!!!

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