Baton Rouge’s 22 Savage and Atlanta’s 21 Savage may be boxing on the same card as Soulja Boy & Chris Brown’s proposed upcoming boxing match.

50 Cent announced the addition to the ‘fight card’ and said that the two may be fighting for their name, leaving only one ‘xx Savage’ named rapper.

22 seems well prepared for the fight and has dissed 21 a number of times on his social networking pages for not responding to the fight request so far, despite 50’s apparent confidence in the fight being arranged. He also posted a picture on FaceTime with Soulja Boy, stating his optimism for the upcoming fight.

21 Savage denied he will be taking part in the fight while performing on stage last night, saying: “We walk around with choppers [AK-47 assault rifles] and sh*t man, we ain’t boxing no motherf*cking n*ggas man”.

See all the posts from 22 Savage above & the footage of 21 on stage.

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