While the Soulja Boy VS Chris Brown boxing match is on a lot of people’s lips, a lot of other rappers have suggested they would like to be involved, including Chicago’s FBG Duck a couple of days ago.

FBG Duck said he would happily fight anybody and asked fans to suggest some suitable matches for him, to which most fans responded with one of 4 names; 600Breezy, Edai, Snap Dogg & Rico Recklezz. Duck quickly dismissed these 4 as a challenge, and asked fans to suggest someone else, and people began to suggest Rico Recklezz’ affiliate Ewol Samo.

Duck said he would happily get in the ring with and fight Ewol Samo despite having no real world problem with him, like many of the other rappers pegged for the celebrity boxing fight card like Soulja Boy & Chris Brown and 21 & 22 Savage.

He clarified he has no beef with Rico or Ewol Samo but started hype for the fight by suggesting Ewol “Do[es] All The Fighting For Rico Anyway”.

Fellow Chicago rappers Killa Kellz and Billionaire Black also weighed in, Billionaire saying he wants to put $10,000 down on the fight and Killa Kellz saying he would put up his own $10,000 to fight Duck too. See all the posts above. Who do you think would win in a boxing match between FBG Duck and Ewol Samo?

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