While prepping his ‘Breezo George Gervin: Leading Scorer Edition’ mixtape, Chicago rapper 600Breezy has hinted at a collab with Young Pappy’s brother BuDouble.

The Team 600/TFG pair have previously spoken on Twitter and promised a track for their supporters but no song ended up releasing. BuDouble tweeted the ‘Don’t Get Smoked’ rapper the other day reminding him about the pending collaboration, and 600Breezy responded by saying he will make contact with BuDouble when he returns from out of town.

Young Pappy built up a large loyal following during his short time as a rapper before his murder in 2015, which BuDouble has worked hard to justifiably take on. Both fans of Young Pappy/the TFG movement and Team 600 fans are both keen to hear the result of this eagerly awaited collab.

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