According to the Cook County Inmate locator, Clint ‘RondoNumbaNine’ Massey’s sentencing for the murder of taxi driver Javan Boyd in 2014 has been postponed until July 5th.

When Courtney ‘Cdai’ Ealy was sentenced to 38 years on May 9th, Rondo’s original sentencing date was set for June 14th. This date was originally pushed back to a day later on June 15th but has since been updated and pushed back until at least July 15th.

Since both RondoNumbaNine and Cdai have already been found guilty, Rondo is 100% facing a prison sentence and will NOT be released, it is just a matter of how many years in prison he will be given at his sentencing hearing.

Rondo may be handed a lesser sentence than Cdai was because he was a juvenile at the time of the shooting (aged 17), whereas Cdai was 19 when the alleged murder took place.

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