Chicago rapper 600Breezy announced his release after 19 months inside today, surprising fans and friends by going Live on Instagram.

At the time of his arrest on old charges back in June of 2017, he was rumoured to have been sentenced to 10 years for a probation violation, but his team always claimed he would be released much sooner than 10 years time. He claimed he was unfairly violated for travelling, and said he thinks the state tried to “Meek Mill [him]”, meaning they went out of their way to attempt to hold him.

According to a local Iowa news publication, 600Breezy was arrested for intent to supply when he was caught up in a series of raids on properties in Waterloo, IA back in May of 2012.

Breezy promised a swift return to the music scene which helped to build his fame, mentioning on Live that he has multiple unreleased songs ready to drop from before his stint in jail, as well as a lot of new music to record including a ‘First Day Out’

Twitter: @600Breezy
Instagram: @600Breezy

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