Chicago rapper, PBG member and Young Pappy (RIP)’s friend Lil Shawn (Lil $hawn) was found guilty of a 2015 homicide a couple of days back.

A Cook County jury found the 22-year-old, real name Shawn Randall, guilty of the 2015 killing of Vallan Francis, who was reportedly gunned down in front of his girlfriend and young children. Prosecutors alleged that Francis was a “member of a Gangster Disciples faction that was feuding with Randall’s branch of the same gang”. At the time of the shooting Shawn had already racked up 7 probation violations for a 2014 drug conviction and was on electronic monitoring.

The key point of the trial was eyewitness testimony from the only witness, Francis’ wife Keisha Leflore. During the trial, she alleged that detectives told her to pick out Randall’s mughsot from a photo lineup, but prosecutors were said to have “overcome” these allegations. She recanted much of her testimony given in front of a grand jury in 2015, but State’s Attorney Holly Kremlin played video and read through manuscripts of her grand jury testimony and statement. She claimed in this earlier testimony that she was sitting on the front porch of her and Francis’ shared home when they spotted Randall riding past on a bicycle, and said Francis herded the children inside before attempting to collect his daughter’s bicycle from the sidewalk when he was hit with a number of shots. In 2015 Leflore claimed she recognized Randall’s “disctinctive, brown-tipped dreadlocks” sticking out of a gathered black hooded sweatshirt that was covering most of the assailant’s face, but at trial only told detectives her late partner identified the man as Randall & said she was Facebook friends with the aspiring rapper. Leflore had twice ducked subpoenas to testify at the trial, and only attended court after a judge in her new home state ordered her to return to Chicago.

Shawn’s highest performing Music Video ‘Shooters’ with Shaquon ‘Young Pappy’ Thomas’ has amassed over 13 million views on YouTube. He is facing a minimum of 45 years in prison now he has been found guilty, and his sentencing date is yet to be announced.

[Source: Chicago Sun Times:]
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