Team 600’s Edai and Tay600 once again took their long-running issues to the internet over the past few couple of days, making comments and claims about each other and attempting to discredit one another.

After they bumped heads the other day over the long-running dispute over whether or not Tay somehow co-operated with the police and led to the charging of RondoNumbaNine and Cdai (& Tay saying he ended Edai’s career) [WATCH HERE:] the pair had more to say and baited each other into yet another argument on Instagram.

The dispute even spilled over into our Instagram comment section, where Edai claimed his early lyric about Tay meant something different to what people assumed, and Tay claiming his former 600 affiliate was “lying” numerous times.

Take a look at all the posts for yourself above, Don’t forget to join the conversation below if you have anything to say.

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Instagram: @Edai666 @La_Ganggg

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