Tay600 slipped back into his old ways yesterday, criticising 600’s Edai and his music which triggered a response from Edai and ignited yet another dispute.

Tay posted a number of videos to his IG story (@la_ganggg) mocking the amount of views on Edai’s new music and claiming he ended his career back when the pair were at each other’s necks over the rumour of Tay600 co-operating with the police and leading to the charging of Cdai and RondoNumbaNine in their infamous 2014 case.

Edai responded with a short video on his story, calling Tay a “rat” and telling him to keep his name out of his mouth. The pair then got into it again underneath our post of Tay’s IG story, where Tay laughed at the effects the rumor had on both of their careers and Edai responded calling Tay by his Government name and adding ‘Snitch’ as a middle name.

Instagram: @la_ganggg @Edai666

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