6IX9INE (Tekashi69) once again sent shots at Chief Keef on our Instagram post today after somebody rushed the stage while he was performing in Russia.

Tekashi was on stage when a Russian man made it to the stage and sucker punched him, before being wrestled to the ground and jumped by his entourage.

We were directed to the post by a Russian fan who is tagged in the original post, and who claimed the incident had something to do with Tekashi disrespecting Chief Keef. 6IX9INE later posted the video to his IG along with a different angle of the man being jumped.

69 then commented on our post of the incident and criticized us for mentioning the alleged connection to Chief Keef, before once again mocking Sosa for getting “shot at” and not retaliating.

Glo Gang affiliated producer DP Beats then posted a photo of the man who hit 6IX9INE, with a caption suggesting a possible connection to Tekashi disrespecting Chief Keef. The comment is still on our Instagram page at the time of writing but Tekahsi has chosen to delete all the other posts from his Instagram.

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