Atlanta based New Orleans-born rapper Kyyngg took aim at Trippie Redd a number of times over the past few days after hearing he called him a “b*tch”.

A couple of days ago Kyyng posted a video calling out the ‘Life’s a Trip’ rapper for a number of comments he’s allegedly made about him, on and off camera. In the video he claimed Trippie showed him love in the past, and offered to put up $10,000 to fight or “out-rap” him. The caption made reference to a number of different incidents involving Trippie, and Kyyngg even dissed him for getting his deceased brother’s name tatted on his face.

The next day Kyyngg posted a screenshot of him offering to fight Trippie, but he left the message on ’Seen’. Today (17/9/2018) Kyyngg posted a video of Trippie Redd mentioning him a number of months ago, with a caption explaining his issue is over Trippie coming for him; eager to prove he’s not just ‘clout chasing’. Later in the day he posted text on his story reading “Bitchie Redd Or Trippie Dead [EMOJIS]”.

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