The full transcripts of 6IX9INE’s unsealed plea agreement have now been made public, proving he co-operated with the state and admitted guilt in a number of offences as well as informing on his former friends. We’ve read through all 47 pages, here’s a summary.

It’s clear 69’s legal team did all they could to try and keep the guilty plea sealed due to “safety concerns with respect to the defendant and the defendant’s family”, but the government decided to grant the motion to seal the documents until such a time as all of the potential defendants identified have been arrested. Therefore once everybody who was being sought on the RICO and connected charges were caught, the documents were ordered to “immediately” be unsealed.

Just after being sworn in Tekashi was asked a number of questions by the court, including ones about his schooling, and reveals that he was hospitalised for depression and post traumatic stress disorder in 2011/2012 after the murder of his stepfather. He was also told about the possibility of concurrent sentences for the serious crimes which could see him facing a mandatory minimum of 47 years all the way to Life in prison, and fines ranging from $250,000 all the way to $10,000,000 for the drug dealing conspiracy charge.

His plea agreement stated that there is a possibility government agencies could come to an agreement “not to prosecute the defendant for the crimes” counts 1 through 9 which he is charged with, owing to his full co-operation with all investigations relating to these charges and any other criminal activity he has knowledge of. At one point it is also stated that “witness protection may be required at a later date”.

In an attempt to prove his own guilt to the court Tekashi told the court of meeting the 9 Trey Blood gang in fall of 2017, engaging in a number of crimes including shooting at and robbing people, attempting to kill people who were rivals to the gang to increase [his] own standing in Nine Trey. He also informed the government that other members of Nine Trey also brandished or let off firearms during these events, and confirmed that “members of the gang sold both heroin and fentanyl”.

The judge accepted Tekashi’s guilty plea and set sentencing to begin on January 23 2020, and the other members of Nine Trey who 6IX9INE turned on are set to go on trial on September 4 of this year.

Full Transcript: [NOTE: transcript is missing page 22 for unknown reason]

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