New York rapper and SniperGang artist 22Gz recently came at 6IX9INE (Tekashi69) and Quando Rondo on Instagram out of the blue, criticizing 6IX9INE for flipping on his old friends and Quando for copying Kodak.

2 of the 3 posts were quickly deleted after they were published, but we caught them before they were removed. The first post remained on his feed until it was removed at some point today (2/19/19).

In the posts about Tekashi 6IX9INE, 22Gz called him ‘Master Splinter’, mocking his decision to co-operate with the Feds against his former Tr3yway affiliates, including Shotti and Kooda B. He also accused him of making “NYC LOOK BAD” though his trolling and snitching, hashtagged ‘KEEP69’ & accused him of stealing swag (referring to the Blicky Twirl which 6IX9INE adapted and used as a dance step in his music video for ‘STOOPID’). In the other deleted post 22Gz used A Boogie’s lyric from a collaboration with 69 about keeping things ‘100’ to mock him again, saying: “WHERE AT ABOOGIE LIED”.

The last quickly deleted post was a shorter post about Georgia rapper Quando Rondo, who recently received a lot of attention for getting the same hairstyle (wicks) as Kodak Black. Kodak himself accused Quando indirectly of stealing the hairstyle, claiming he gave the idea to the same stylist who did Quando’s hair. 22Gz called him a “FAKE ASS KODAK” and tagged him on the post. Once the other posts were deleted 22GZ began responding to comments on the first post, commenting laughing emojis to some comments and a mis-typed message which was presumably meant to read “PAPERWORK SAYS IT ALL”.

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