Today was the second day of 6IX9INE’s testimony at the trial of his ex friends and Tr3yway affiliates at the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Tekashi told more about his and other member’s criminal activities during his time hanging around them, naming Shotti as the shooter in 2 separate incidents, name dropping rival Brooklyn rapper Casanova & revealing in detail what happened when his crew and Trippie Redd bumped heads in New York.

6IX9INE spared no detail when explaining his beef with Trippie, describing that “he was with another set of Bloods” & saying that the former associates who were signed to the same label fell out over “jealousy”. He said he initiated a planned attack on Trippie with some gang members at a hotel after he told Shotti he wanted something done about Trippie’s comments on social media, claiming a Tr3yway affiliate named Harv (who he later hired as a bodyguard) punched Trippie in the mouth while Tekashi waited in a nearby vehicle.

Tekashi detailed another incident at a T-Mobile store involving Harv and himself and described problems with an older gang affiliate named ‘Snow’ who he said was shot in the head and killed just a month after making his issues with Shotti and the other members of Tr3yway clear. He also pointed out affiliate Bily Ado “stabbing the security guard” in footage of a brawl at a tribute event to A$AP Rocky’s manager, and described his group’s infamous fight with 2 men at LAX on NBA All-Start weekend 2018.

Casanova is name dropped in the testimony by 6IX9INE at least three times, once when referring to Trippie Redd being a different set of Blood, once in response to the prosecutor’s question about a group chat, saying “we gotta run down on Casanova” & once quoting Harv calling him “a b*tch ass n**** and a snitch”.

A lot of time was spent pointing out members in photos and video footage, as well as explaining how he paid people and detailing a dispute between Harv and Shotti which led to a split in the group. He detailed Shotti shooting at car full of people who tried to harass Tekashi, and even claimed Shotti was the one who gave the word to shoot when his and Casanova’s crews bumped heads at the Barclay’s Center.

The last incident revealed was the robbery and beating of 6IX9INE which he alleges was committed by Harv and an associate of his. Tekashi explained how the incident happened in detail, and was even stopped multiple times by the judge when revealing information the judge did not ask to hear, including the actions of his driver and extra details involving his daughter. He revealed that Shotti came to his aid at this time, taking him to a hospital in Long Island & even threatening retaliation against Harv.

His testimony was expected to be done by mid-day today, but will now continue into tomorrow (9/19/2019), and his cross-examination will follow.

Source: Matthew Russell Lee (@innercitypress/@MatthewLeeICP on Twitter:
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