Revelations at Tekashi69’s 3rd day of testimony included him admitting to offering $50,000 for somebody to rob Harv after he was kidnapped and robbed, name dropping Jim Jones and admitting guilt in a number of incidents including punching a man in Times Square.

Wiretaps from Tr3yway members were played in court of conversations about dealing with 6IX9INE after he denounced Tr3yway on Power 105.1, and Dipset’s Jim Jones was named by Tekashi as a “retired rapper” and member of Nine Trey (UPDATE: 6IX9INE described Jim Jones as a 9Trey gang member in response to audio being played which reportedly contained Jones and Mel Murda [Mel Matrix] discussing violating Tekahsi for turning his back on Tr3yway- Listen Here: Near the end of his testimony 6IX9INE replied “little bit of both” when asked if he was testifying to get his sentence reduced (via what’s known as a 5K1 letter) or to help the government.

After his testimony was complete, Tekashi was cross-examined by the 2 men accused of kidnapping him’s legal representatives. He was questioned on many topics including whether or not he wanted to take part in some of the criminal activity he earlier spoke about, which he admitted. He also admitted ordering the infamous shooting targeting Chief Keef at the W hotel in June 2018. The defence pointed out he would be released early next year (2020) if he is granted a 51k letter, and played a video of him bragging after the shooting incident at the Barclay’s Center after asking him to admit he was not being prosecuted in that case. Tekashi said he had “no recollection” when asked questions about quotes from previous interviews, including an Adam22 podcast and Angie Martinez interview. When questioned he also denied “trolling” Chief Keef and described it as “showing [his] personality”.

Later the defence attempted to poke holes in 6IX9INE’s kidnapping story by quoting previous occasions when he admitted to be a troll, and even baited somebody to “snatch my chain for my project can get more publicity”. He denied Tr3yway was ever a legitimate corporation, saying Shotti and others had “tried, like I could try a 3-pointer and not make it”. He denied memory of a post saying he “knew what the media wanted”, and admitted the alleged robbery and kidnapping occurred on the same day, just hours before the release of a new song. 6IX9INE then admitted lying about the value of his stolen jewellery to Angie Martinez – claiming it was $1M’s worth when it was only worth $350,000, and admitted lying about jumping out of the car when escaping. He denied recalling ever saying he could “make a movie out of this” to Angie Martinez, then later admitted saying the movie could have been “better than NWA”.

Tekashi’s cross-examination ended, and other witnesses were cross-examined, including his driver on the night of the robbery and a police officer who accompanied him to hospital in an ambulance who quoted him saying “I thought I was going to die, I thought I was never going to see my daughter again”.

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