Billionaire Black and King Yella both had something to say after Savage Squad Lil Ant recently called them out for making rap songs disrespecting people and blogging at the same time.


In the video posted to his Instagram page (@savagesquadlilant), Savage Squad Lil Ant directly called out Billionaire Black, FYB JMane and King Yella for making diss tracks and starting side careers as bloggers on YouTube.

Billionaire was the first to respond, first warning people to stop saying his name before going on to pull up a 10-year-old vlog featuring members of Fly Boy Gang (such as FBG Duck) alongside a young Lil Ant. He overlayed a caption implying that Lil Ant switched sides.

Yella responded in a video on his own YouTube channel stating he does not make songs dissing people anymore & justifying Billionaire and JMane’s choices to make money from blogging. He also called out Lil Ant for having Savage Squad in his name and said Fredo Santana’s old group was “over with”.

Lil Ant responded to both Billionaire and Yella. He admitted being featured in the video and hanging around FBG Duck and Billionaire’s brother when he was younger, but denied accusations of getting bullied.

He mocked Yella for responding via another YouTube blog post, saying Yella falsely said he’s from O-Block and telling him to get his “information right.

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