Chicago rapper Boss Top who allegedly entered into a record deal with Waka Flocka Flame’s BSM imprint recently was arrested a couple of days ago in Chicago.

Details surrounding the arrest are yet to leak but & the Cook County Sheriff’s Office public website display an alleged charge of home invasion with a firearm [Charge Code – 720 ILCS 5/19-6(a)(3) HOME INVASION/FIREARM]. A number of Boss Top’s friends and affiliates tweeted about his arrest, see them all above. One of his O-Block affiliates mentioned that the state were asking for $100,000 dollars to bond him out, meaning his bail amount was set at $1 million (due to Illinois’ Ten Percent bail bond rule).

In addition to this Team 600 member Boss Moo posted a number of tweets saying he was arrested alongside Boss Top but later bonded out or was released without charge. Boss Moo said the pair & more of their affiliates allegedly bumped into FBG Cash when they were booked, and alleged Cash asked to be separated from them due to their ongoing beef. FBG Cash was arrested the day before Boss Top (03.01.2016) on separate, unknown charges.

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