A couple of days ago rapper Cardi B called Chicago rapper King Yella in an effort to try and prove the fact she did not sleep with him, as many blogs have previously reported.

Some blogs took Yella’s claims him and his affiliates “had her first” to mean Yella and Cardi slept together, and Cardi and Offset were annoyed by this which lead to issues between the three. Cardi called Yella and recorded the call in an affort to prove she did not sleep with him, which Yella freely admitted. he said he never claimed to have slept with her and blog sites imply took his statement and interpreted it in their own ways.

On the phone call Cardi called Yella a “dirty ass n***a” and said the “only reason” she was ever cool with Yella was due to her ex-boyfriend and their affiliation.

After videos of their phone conversation appeared online, Yella repsonded through his Instagram page and story calling Cardi B a “Thot” and a “bum ass h*e”. Seeall the posts from so far above.

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