Rapper Cardi B yesterday finally responded to Chicago rapper King Yella claiming he and his affiliates “had her” before Migos’ Offset.

In a series of Tweets posted to her Twitter account (@iamcardiB) which are still live at time of writing, she responded to a number of fans asking questions about the validity of King Yella’s claims. Cardi claimed she was never sexually involved with Yella and “never flirted never nothing”, saying she was cool with him because he was her ex fiancé’s friend.

Cardi accused Yella of ‘cloud chasing’ (possibly meaning ‘clout’) and posted their private iMessage conversation publicly for her 2 million plus Twitter followers to see. She also posted some old photos of the pair together which appear to support her story,

King Yella responded later on the same day, posting what appears to be a deleted post from Cardi’s stream of posts about Yella on Twitter in which she calls him a “sloth”. Yella promised to “keep up the bulls**t” after seeing Cardi’s posts & posted a screenshot of himself on FaceTime with boxer Floyd Mayweather, even claiming at one point to have been signed.

See all the posts from so far above & check out Part 2 Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yojYoozEZZA

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