While on Instagram Live with @theccshow2 on Instagram last night [3/5/2019], Brooklyn, NY rapper Casanova made it clear he’s not rocking with fellow Brooklyn Kooda B, and Kooda responded the following day.

When Kooda was mentioned, Casanova clarified that he does not support him because he chose to take 6IX9INE’s side when the pair were beefing, allegedly saying 6IX9INE had done more for him. Meek Mill and PNB Rock also joined the Live and made it clear they’re not associating with Tekashi anymore.

Kooda B went live the next day responding to the footage of Cas’ comments circulating, and didn’t say much but briefly joked about not knowing who Casanova was.

Kooda’s name was brought into the original discussion about 6IX9INE due to him being the person reportedly named by Tekashi as the shooter in the now infamous June 2018 incident targeting Chief Keef outside the W Hotel in Manhattan.

Do you think Cas is right to cut ties with Kooda after he chose to side with Tekashi? Or do you think he should see past it due to the situation Kooda finds himself in now?

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