YBN Almighty Jay was robbed for his YBN trophy chain and other items yesterday after NY locals he bumped heads with caught him doing some late-night shopping by himself.

TMZ misreported that jay was robbed and beaten in the footage they posted, which showed Jay and his group facing off briefly with a group of NY locals. This footage however was captured at the start of the day, and the same people featured in it caught up to Jay later the same day when he was alone.

Footage shows 8+ people hitting and kicking Jay at once, running through his pockets and taking his chain off his neck, before Jay is able to make a swift escape.

The men later went live with identities hidden through a 3rd party, who spoke with Instagram blogger TheCCShow. In the Live video they showed off the Trophy piece engraved with ‘YBN’ and laughed about the incident. Jay himself is yet to respond online, but various figures in the scene such as Lil Reese and G Herbo reacted, stay tuned for reaction video dropping later today.

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